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Video 1 – Research Can Be Hip

A short video highlighting the dissemination phase of the Equity and Technology Project, a SSHRC-funded research initiative, conduct by Dr.Dianne Looker (MSVU) and her team (Thiessen (Dalhousie), Alexander (Acadia), Karabanow (Dalhousie), and Frank (Dalhousie) Music is “New Blues” by Bill “MetaEther” Barton ( Photographs were taken by Charlene Croft and Fred Campbell of Ryakuga Communications ( Video was compiled and edited by Charlene Croft. It will be presented at the 2007 CSAA Congress, in Edmonton Alberta, June 2007.

Video 2 – Connecting Academics to the Social Web

Promotional video created to be presented to the The Steering Committee of the Social Economy and Sustainability Research Network. June 12, 2007. Put together by Charlene Croft and Ted Naylor. Music is “Be more now than then” by Benn Ross (

Technology Access and Use in High Schools: Promises and Pitfalls

A 34-minute documentary exploring the use of computers in high schools, based on the findings of the Equity and Technology Alliance Research Project conducted in Canada and South Africa by sociologists Looker and Thiessen.


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