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Recently, the social research community has started dipping its feet in web 2.0.  Not only as a site of research, but also as a site of research dissemination.  The tools of social media are not only effective for dissemination to communities within your own research network, but also to anyone else in web 2.0 who is interested. 

The Atlantic Centre for the Study of the Information Society (ACSIS) has experimentally turned research findings into social media and embedded it into the depths of Web 2.0.  Under the direction of Dr. Dianne Looker, the ACSIS network used elements of social media to complement her traditional public outreach activities, like blogs, podcasts and community photo-sharing sites.    

The ACSIS Lab+ was conceptualized to assist academics and community organizations in public outreach using the tools of social media.  Through consultation, training and support, team members will work with you, and tailor these services to suit your network needs and technical skill levels.

In addition to social media training, ACSIS Lab+ will be offering a variety of workshops and training sessions primarily designed to train new research assistants with basic research skills such as report writing and literature reviews.  Also offered will be sessions on SPSS, Excel, and Powerpoint. 


For more information about ACSIS Lab+ you can visit our website at


If you would like to contact us, you can do so at


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  2. Great singing voices guys… good job on the video too.. !!

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