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Posted by acsislab on June 28, 2007

For being such a small university, there is quite a bit of research going on at The Mount. In addition to Dianne, there is one other Canada Research Chair here. Dr. Janice Keefe is the Canada Research Chair in Aging and Caregiving Policy and is the director of the Maritime Data Centre for Aging Research and Policy Analysis with the Gerontology Department.

Dr. Leslie Brown is also with the Sociology Department, and is the Director of the $1.75 million SSHRC Social Economy and Sustainability Research Network, which is operating in conjunction with a national project called the Canadian Social Economy Partnership. The ACSIS Lab recently prepared a presentation for the Social Economy Project, regarding the use of social media for communication and dissemination purposes.

ACSIS is also working on two short videos for the Social Economy Project which highlights the work of Dr. Joe Tharamangalam, also with Sociology at MSVU, and his International project “Lessons In Human Development: A Comparison between Cuba and Kerala, India.” Joe’s project has also been funded by SSHRC.

Dr. Aine Humble will also be adding to the knowledge pool at the Mount, with the Atlantic Research Centre for Family-Work Issues, funded through the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

Over the summer, the ACSIS Blog will highlight some of the research going on at the Mount. Stay tuned!


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